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Discover how Right Cloud IT can deliver Cloud Automation to your businessHarness the Power of Cloud Automation

Right Cloud IT are specialists in Infrastructure, Orchestration and Automation of all things cloud and data center. We've worked on some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the UK, helped customers create a full private cloud utilizing the full VMware SDDC and Cloud Suite and we are also experts in AWS and Azure and their integration with Configuration Management and Continuous Delivery tools such as Ansible and Jenkins. We can support your existing IT operation, help you migrate to the public cloud to reduce your capital expenditure or help with your digital transformation into a fully automated and self-sufficient business who can scale on the demand of their customers.

our mainServices

Amazon AWS

Experts in Amazon AWS, EC2, S3.

Azure and Windows

Experts in Azure, Windows Server and Active Directory.

Linux and DevOps

Experts in Configuration Management, Automation and CI.

VMware Cloud

Experts in vSphere, NSX, vRealize Automation and Orchestrator.

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The Software-definedData Center

"The Software Defined Data Center"

The software-defined data center extends industry-leading vSphere virtualization beyond compute to network (NSX) and storage (vSAN) making data center services as easy and inexpensive to configure and manage as virtual machines.

Automating theCloud

"The Cloud is not a destination"

The move to the cloud goes well beyond simply hosting your applications on a public cloud provider’s infrastructure, there are many operational benefits to adopting a cloud approach rather than choosing cloud platform. There are automation and orchestration tools available that enable you to bring cloud-like management capabilities to your private data center and harness the full potential of cloud.